Is your health TRULY a priority?

If it is, stop making excuses and start being responsible with your eating.

On Sunday, Lauren and I made a trip with two of our members (Alex and Jess) to help them get started down the path to healthy eating.

It sounds like a lot. Planning ahead, tracking everything you eat, measuring ingredients, creating recipes, etc.
At first it is, but the more experience you gain the easier it gets. Nothing good comes without a little hard work.

Here’s a rundown of Alex and Jess’s first meal prep experience.

The first thing we did was determine macronutrient goals for Alex and Jess and enter them into the MyFitnessPal app.

If you missed the nutrition seminar we held a few weeks ago you can ask me how to get your numbers next time you’re at at the gym.

Once we had their target numbers set we began plugging foods into a sample day.

When you’re starting out you can keep eating some of things you like, even if they aren’t “healthy”. Completely rearranging and omitting the foods you enjoy is a recipe for disaster.

Most people don’t stick to a nutrition plan because the change is too drastic.
Baby steps! 

What’s your go to snack? Keep that in your plan for now!

Once a sample day was established we were able to create a shopping list.
sample list

Start Time:

We met at ShopRite around 2:00pm, list in hand and ready to execute our plan.


It took a little longer than our normal trip just because we spent some time explaining tips and tricks, differences in brands and a few other things we’ve picked up. You’ll learn these as you go too. Different ways to save money and time as well as the brands you like best.

Collage 1

All said and done, we were checked out of ShopRite at 3:07pm

 Time to Fire Up the Oven!

As soon as we got home we unpacked and started cooking. Our plan was to make enough food to accommodate breakfast, lunch and snacks from Monday – Wednesday.

Dinner’s were planned, however those are easier to make the night of. Plus, it tastes better freshly cooked and takes up less Tupperware / room in the refrigerator.

Collage 2

We used some of the recipes from the Spur Nutrition 101 class and plugged information into MyFitnessPal as we cooked and measured. Once the numbers in MyFitnessPal met the goals we began measuring out the prepared food into containers.

PrepSome of the menu items included:

– Turkey sausage
– Hard boiled eggs
– Blueberries
– Strawberries

– BBQ pulled chicken
– Coleslaw
– Banana
– Peanut butter (Teddy Smooth… the best peanut butter ever!)

– Lenny and Larry’s cookie
– Luna bars
– Lays salt and vinegar chips

– Chicken crust pizza
– Pork tenderloin
– Broccoli
– Quinoa
– Brown Rice


Chicken crust pizza tastes as delicious as it looks! 

As is tradition, we had some music playing and enjoyed a couple of adult beverages while navigating this process.

With meals in containers and a fresh pizza on the stove Alex and Jess were ready to finish off a relaxing Sunday evening before starting their first week of accountable eating.


Stay tuned for more progress posts on Alex and Jess’s nutrition tracking adventure! 


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