Ethan Crevatas

CrossFit Gymnastics - CrossFit Level 1

Ethan’s love of fitness began early on in his life starting with martial arts then switching gears to cross country, track and field and weight lifting while in college.

Ethan began his fitness career as a Personal Trainer at the YMCA in 2014 using his skills and knowledge as a trainer to lead group classes and help his clients achieve their fitness goals. Personal Training and helping people reach their fitness goals is a passion of Ethan’s and something he continues to pursue every day. In 2016 Ethan found his place at Crossfit Spur where he believes in the methodology and practices that help improve lives.

Upon receiving his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate Ethan began leading classes and working with a wide variety of personal training clients.

In addition to his CFL1, Ethan has obtained his USA Weightlifting Certification and a National Certification in Personal Training with a focus on sports performance. He has a love of movement mechanics and mobility and he continually researches new ways to better the athletes he works with.

Ethan believes that he is never done learning and continually seeks out new ways to improve as an athlete, coach and trainer.